Enhancing health through mental wellness

It is hard to focus on your physical health, social relationships, finances, housing, spirituality and day-to-day living without your mind being in a sound state. We believe in equipping individuals with the right tools, programs, education, and relationships that help sustain a healthy mindset. When your mind is healthy, you can then focus on all other aspects of life.

For every individual we help there is a positive impact on many. Healthy adults create stronger families. Stronger families empower each other to thrive and become engaged citizens. Stronger communities are built on the basis of mental wellness.

Growth is the foundation upon which we thrive - growth of the individuals we serve, our personnel and the services we offer - they all result in the betterment of Reliance Health and our collective mental wellness.

Reliance Health has developed unique and innovative programs in response to the relationships we've made with our stakeholders and requests in addressing growing trends from the mental health community.

Over the years, Reliance Health has witnessed a shift from hospital-based treatment to out-patient services. This trend has created a cost savings to the community and provided resources that better serve individuals within a familiar, comforting, and therapeutic environment.

For each person we transition from a hospital setting to a community residence, the savings is approximately $1,000 a day.