Bill J., Service Recipient

"I'd like to tell you what a great program you've got in the WISE program. I've often thought of calling and saying, 'Hey, this works!'"

Robert, Service Recipient

"Since my self-demise in November 2011, Reliance 'Health' has been deeply involved. It was one of their Outreach to Homeless staff members who talked me out of my unheated, waterless, and electricity-free home into Veteran’s housing. He helped me with the State of Connecticut disability enrollment and set me up with the New London Hospitality Services. Basically, he set me up with the VA programs I have now. Reliance 'Health' counselors have helped members complete trips to the store and medical appointments. There have been times when I needed them to talk me through my problems – using their guidance has helped me through difficult times. They coordinate house activities – picnics, cookouts, etc. which I enjoy. Without Reliance 'Health', I wouldn’t be in the healthy position I find myself in now.

Reliance 'Health' is an organization that has trained personnel available for members of the community who seek emotional, mental, and physical help. When I was in dire need, Reliance 'Health' stepped in adamantly and took me by the hand through some of their programs available to me that I had no clue of. Now I have people I can speak to."

Miria Toth, Office & Marketing Manager, Norwich Community Development Corporation

“Working with Reliance 'Health' was a great experience! The staff were friendly and helped guide the clients through the internship experiences. We would definitely do it again.”

Teamworks Program Member

"Reliance 'Health' has helped me in every aspect of my life for two and a half years by assisting with transportation to and from appointments, making bus tickets available for local travel, and creating a positive environment to feel safe and comfortable. My favorite thing is there’s always a smile and greeting from the staff who understand that every individual has certain needs, and they go out of their way to provide for us as clients." Reliance 'Health' means the world to me as it makes it possible for me to go out and be positive around people. Reliance 'Health' is a fantastic assembly of people with caring hearts and thoughtful respect for people. They continue to change peoples’ lives for the better."

Dave Stone, Volunteer, Chelsea Groton Bank

"To see and hear the appreciation in the faces and words of the residents and staff of the homes, was one of the most rewarding experiences in my professional career.”

Wendi Everton, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Eastern Connecticut State University

"I have found that the people who work at Reliance 'Health' are intelligent, conscientious, caring, and warm individuals who are dedicated to the mission of the organization and the clientele they serve. Reliance 'Health' should be proud not only for the good work they do for the community, but also for the wonderful way they support their employees.”

Jackie Falman, Reliance Health, Inc. Board Member

"When I think of Reliance 'Health', the first thing that comes to mind is a team of thoughtful and committed people, working together to help others reach their potential. From the administration on down, the respect and caring for everyone, both employees and members, is quite evident. Reliance 'Health' is always striving to improve the services they offer, as well as looking for new and innovative ideas that will help make the lives of those they work with better. They accomplish so much good with the funds with which they have to work. Vince Lombardi said, ‘The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.’ The successes of Reliance 'Health', its staff and members, are immeasurable and invaluable to the city of Norwich.”

Janice, Service Recipient

"Reliance 'Health' has given me self-confidence and made me feel better about myself. I know I can call them anytime.”

Kate, Dunkin Donuts Shift Lead

"The experience working with Reliance 'Health' Career Services has been enlightening. You realize that no matter who the person is, they are all just looking for a chance to learn and grow, because life is what you make it.”

Paul, Service Recipient

"Reliance 'Health' has provided me with someone to talk to any time of the day. They have friendly staff that are good listeners.”

Barry Shead, Assistant Vice President & Branch Manager, Savings Institute Bank & Trust

“We are honored to have a team that makes generous contributions to the community, and are proud to consistently support the vital mental health and wellness programs at Reliance 'Health'.”

Jo Co, Service Recipient

"Without Reliance 'Health', I could still be in the same position: homeless. Instead, I have housing, am able to pay my rent, bills, purchase my own groceries, and once again enjoy sports."

Jim, Service Recipient

"I had to take a risk to walk out that door but thanks to the support and gentle nudging of Reliance 'Health', I wake up every day knowing this is going to be the best day, and I’m responsible for that. I owe my recovery to Reliance 'Health'.”

Cheryl Jacques, Chief Executive Officer of the Southeastern Mental Health Authority

“Reliance 'Health' serves a critical need in our community and the staff are genuinely committed to the individuals and community they serve. The hope they inspire and dreams they support is a great testament to the spirit of recovery. Southeastern Mental Health Authority is honored to support and work alongside Reliance 'Health' as they partner with individuals in their journey towards independence.”