As you have no doubt heard, the State of Connecticut has not yet passed a budget. As a result, State Departments are asking non-profit providers like Reliance Health to submit plans reducing our annualized budgets by 2.5% and incraesing to 10% until a state budget is passed.

Thos numbers sound small, but we can assure you they are not. Our plan for this month needs to reduce our budget by approximately $270,000 with the number increasing to just over $1,000,000 by November if a state budget is not passed.


This is a daunting and unenviable task. We pride ourselves on being lean, nimble, and fiscally prudent. For the last 40 years, we have provided essential, lifesaving services to our community and have been ranked among the best employers in the state. These reductions will inevitably result in program re-designs or elimination, thus having a negative impact on the 1,000+ individuals we serve throughout Eastern Connecticut; not to mention the 250+ employees who proudly serve our mission with compassion, respect, and loyalty.

Our ask is this: PLEASE contact your representatives and ask them to act to pass a budget that protects the non-profit sector and those we serve. Our programs operate for 40% of what it cost for state-run programs. We can (and want) to be part of the solution BUT we cannot be cut any further.

To determine who your legislators are, follow this link:

Choose the town and street where you live. Copy this message or write your own. Share this post and tag your representatives. They need and want to hear from you.

We thank you from the bottom of our collective hearts. We appreciate what a difficult time this is for our state and hope that a resolution is found swiftly before the impact is more than our system and society can bear.