Reliance Health was honored, once again, to be nominated by it's employees as a Top Workplace! Not only did our employee survey result in a 2nd place ranking among mid-sized Connecticut companies, but we won the additional distinction of receiving top scores for "Direction" among ALL of the companies surveyed across the state. We had a fantastic evening celebrating, laughing, and mugging for the camera. The event, held at the Aqua Turf Club, was beautiful.

This is the 6th year Reliance Health has been recognized as a Top Workplace. Our Chief Executive Officer, David Burnett attributes Reliance Health’s Top Workplace standing to its employees, “With over 250 employees, we are proud to know that our values are reflected not only in the service we provide to our members, but also in the way we treat our staff. I am so impressed by the people who work here. Daily experiences lead me to believe that we are extraordinarily fortunate to attract and hold good people.” Chief Operating Officer, Carrie Dyer recognized the significance of this award by saying, “During this time of budget uncertainty and increasing pressures, an event like this reminds us of our worth; of our collective values and goals; and of our love for the people we serve, the work we do, and each other.”

Special thanks to the Hartford Courant and WorkplaceDynamics, LLC for hosting the evening and providing us with the tools and resources to continue to improve upon our agency's mission and goals. Thank you, Reliance Health employees, for your dedication, hard work, and love that results in the agency being a Top Workplace!