In our field of mental health, hope is directly connected to recovery. Recovery is about making the most of who you are and where you are, in any given moment.

Imagine living on

$736 a month

This equates to an income of $170 weekly or $8,832 annually.


With this amount, you have to pay your rent/mortgage, utilities, phone bill, buy groceries/hygiene/cleaning products, purchase bus fare or gas for your vehicle, maintain insurance requirements/medical payments, and tie up additional loose ends. Stressed? What if, on top of the economic strain, you were recovering from a mental health diagnosis and balancing a variety of other life variables…, work, school, friendships?

We all have one thing in common: “the importance of our mental health.”

A healthy mind helps us balance all the pieces of life’s puzzle.

A mental health diagnosis can have profound chain reactions on a person’s life including:

A diminished self-confidence

Loss in social relationships

Negative impacts on work

A lack of income

Lack of ability to pay bills 

Unstable housing

Decline in physical health

Feelings of isolation & stress

Your donation will help individuals:

Develop social networks Gain career experience Maintain employment Preserve stable housing Manage personal health Advance educational goals