As you may have noticed, Reliance House is getting a new name, Reliance Health. For years we have been poorly served by the concept of the term “house”. With the recent addition of our outpatient clinic, we recognize the need to connect the agency’s name with our mission statement, “enhancing health through mental wellness”. The name Reliance Health better represents what we are, a multifaceted community mental health center.

Reliance Health has been providing community mental health services since 1976. When we first opened, we occupied a small space within the Shannon Building in downtown Norwich. We were operating on a minimal budget and were staffed by volunteers. The Leisure Center, as we were called then, was created to provide community support to those being discharged from Norwich Hospital. Over the past 40 years, we have expanded our service offerings, as well as our reach. We currently have nearly 300 employees and have recently been recognized as “the second best-midsized employer” in the state, with special recognition given for having “Outstanding Managers’. Through over 30 programs we provide service coordination to people living independently in the community, as well as within residential settings, across Eastern Connecticut. We offer social clubhouses,homeless outreach services, supported education, and employment services. This past year we opened Reliance Health Outpatient Services. The new service provides individual and group therapy as well as medication oversight and a collaborative approach to care. Additionally, Reliance Health provides community education with events, trainings, and consultation with individuals and businesses alike.

This year marks our 40th year of operation and this year we celebrate more than a new name. In addition, we have opened a new outpatient psychiatric clinic and we are celebrating our status as “the second best-midsized employer in the state”. Although our name is new, Reliance Health continues to be dedicated to our mission, “enhancing health through mental wellness”, with quality care in the community.